Our team

Elisabeth Coquoz

School founder

AMI Montessori Trainer, she supervises the pedagogical program for the 3 to 6 class.

Team 3-6

Raluca Hubert

Head of School and English Guide
3 to 6 Class


After 12 years of experience in the field of business training and marketing, she chose the path of Montessori education. Holding a Montessori 3-6 AMI degree from Paris, Raluca has six years’ experience as a Montessori guide. Her skills allowed her to take over the Montessori Meyrin School’s management, where she is putting in practice her passion for children’s harmonious development. Mother of 3, she has a high interest in ikebana floral art and pottery.

Aude Trompé-Baguenard

French Guide
3 to 6 Class


Living in the Geneva region since 2005, Aude has embraced the Montessori pedagogy since 2017. After 16 years professional experience in marketing operations and sales, she has grasped the opportunity to change careers. Holding an AMI Montessori Guide diploma for 3 to 6 years old from Lyon training institute, she is now working in the field she has dreamed of since her teenage years.

Aude has done several replacements in schools in the region before joining our team in May 2020. She’s caring and patient, and she loves guiding the children to observe and discover the world surrounding them.

Michèle Mirtone

French Guide
3 to 6 Class


After 15 years of experience in the banking industry, Michèle graduated in 2001 as a Montessori educator. This conversion, fully matured, continues her path with a very rich and joyful experience during these many years with children. During her career, she also followed a training to accompany children with special needs.

Michèle is very interested in nature and likes to share and make children discover this environment to which they are very sensitive and curious.

Sara Delagoutte

French Guide
3 to 6 Class


Sara started working with children as a dance teacher in 2006 after 20 years of dance practice. It was during a 2-year stay in China that she started teaching French as a foreign language, a profession she practiced for 10 years. At the same time, thanks to her role as a mother of 3 children, she was gradually introduced to the Montessori pedagogy until she decided to do the training at the IFMM in Geneva in 2020. After several internships and replacements, Sara joined the team in 2021 and embarked on the project to open the second class for 3-6 year olds. The first children were welcomed with joy and good humour on 1 February 2022 and the adventure continues happily!

Alison Keller

English Guide
3 to 6 Class


A native of the United States, Alison holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education and earned her AMI Montessori diploma in 2021.  With nearly 15 years’ experience in foreign language education, she enjoys seeing our childrens’ language skills develop right along with their self-confidence, independence, and understanding of the world.  With her own two children in a Montessori school, she is convinced that a Montessori education sets children up with the necessary tools for a bright future.

Fatma Antenen

3 to 6 Class


Fatma has been holding the Montessori Assistant Certificate since February 2012. She supports children and educators during the morning and lunch time.

She also introduces children to the cultivation of the vegetable garden.

Carolyn Tay

English Guide
3 to 6 Class


Carolyn is originally from Singapore; she has worked as a microelectronics engineer and later a security evaluator for more than 13 years in three different countries. Carolyn has always believed that children are the answer to bettering the world. And Maria Montessori’s child-centered pedagogy struck a chord with her since her youth. After witnessing and experiencing firsthand, how effective and beneficial this pedagogy is on her own Montessori-schooled children.

It comes as no surprise that in 2020, she embarked on her own Montessori journey and trained as an AMI certified assistant for the 3-6 years old. Then in 2021, she joined the teaching team in the bilingual Meyrin Montessori school as an English Assistant.

Harriet Waithira

English Assistant
3 to 6 Class

Team 6-12

Emmanuelle Rivalland

French Guide
6 to 12 Class


Working with children for over 18 years, Emmanuelle has a BA in Education from L’UQAR University in Canada. She has taught in public schools before focusing on Montessori education. She holds an AMI 6 to 12 Diploma since 2015, accompanying children for over nine years through the Montessori pedagogy.

Passioned by travelling and culture, she always has beautiful stories to share, creating a dynamic and organised class environment. She’s dedicated to guiding children for a true autonomy, preparing the adults of tomorrow.

Kelly Burrows

English Guide
6 to 12 Class


Born and raised in London, England, Kelly has always had a love of learning, making discoveries and seeking challenges. Throughout her 25 years in education, she has trained in alternative approaches to education, neurodiversity and additional educational needs, attachment theory and trauma. Kelly has been fortunate enough to work with learners from Nursery to University age and has a particular affinity with the adolescent developmental plane.
After relocating to the Geneva area in 2020, Kelly was introduced to the Montessori pedagogy and gained her AMI 6-12 Assistant qualification in 2021. She is continuing her training in the second plane of development and also undertaking the AMI 12-18 Diploma.
Kelly is also a seasoned stage performer (something she enjoys sharing with the young people in her class!) and an independent Drawing & Talking Practitioner.

Petra Kuncikova

German Teacher
6 to 12 Class


Petra has a Master diploma in Creative Drama and has been working as a drama and language teacher in different countries ( the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria) before coming to Switzerland.
Having an Austrian grandmother, she came very early in contact with the German language and speaks German at home with her German husband. Being fascinated by the Montessori pedagogy, she decides to get trained as a Montessori Assistant 6-12 and joins the team as a German teacher.
She loves travelling, stories, nature and going with her family to the mountains in every season of the year.

Sabine Tinelli

Pedagogical Coordinator
6 to 12 Class


Sabine has started her career in the business environment after a Master in Management at Dauphiné University in Paris. She has educated her children following the Montessori principles, while living abroad in several countries. Her passion for education has guided her to pursue a Master in Game Science, and then to train herself and work as a AMI Montessori 6 to 12 Guide.

Hussein Janoowalla

Hussein Originaly comes from Nairobi Kenya. English being his 1st language he also speaks swahili gujarati and french With a background in sales and marketing for 15yrs , he decided to follow his passion with children that also matched his energy. Intrigued in the development of children he was drawn to the Montessori pedagogy. He is a certified AMI assistant for 3-6 and 6-12 year olds.

Montessori Workshop

Nathalie Cailleau

Nathalie accompanies children during the Wednesday mornings’ workshops and after-school activities. With 6 years of experience accompanying special needs children in kindergartens and elementary schools, Nathalie holds a AMI Montessori Assistant diploma for 3 to 6 years old. She also practices Land Art and sculpture.


Philippe Rossier

Accountant at Montessori Meyrin School

Carole Tourraine

Administratif helper for Montessori Meyrin School