Wednesday morning workshops

The Montessori Meyrin School opens its doors on Wednesday mornings for a series of workshops about nature.

The workshops are intended for children aged from 3 to 8 years old.

Every Wednesday during the school year, from 9am (it is possible to come at 8.15am) until 12pm. If you wish, children can also have lunch at school and leave at 1pm.

Michèle Mirtone will accompany your children during these mornings rich in discoveries. With a 9-year teaching experience, including 5 as a Montessori educator, Michèle leads our class workshops and facilitates yoga sessions on Friday afternoons.

We are pleased to present the program of the workshops whose theme will accompany us throughout the year:


At first, we will learn about the birds that are part of our environment around the school, that is to say:

How do these birds live?
What do they eat, do they all have the same menu?
Learn to listen and recognize their singing, discover them in the garden.

Then, in the fall, we will build nesting boxes, because in the fall birds begin to spot where they will nest in the spring.

Do you know that each bird has its preference in the shape of its nest box … and of course each has its own way of nesting …

A workshop cycle is designed to allow the child to develop a sensitivity to nature and get involved in activities that are sensory, manual and pedagogical, in the spirit of a Montessori school.

We are already revealing a little of the 2nd cycle which will be: Where are the birds going in winter? Some stay here, others fly to other continents… The migration of birds: what a great topic that is!


One-time registration:

without meals: 70.- CHF per workshop
with meals: 95.- CHF per workshop

Three months registration:

without meals: 175.- CHF per month
with meals: 250.- CHF per month

The workshops will take place if a minimum of 6 children are enrolled for the term.

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