The Montessori Meyrin School opens its doors on Wednesday mornings for a series of workshops about nature.

The workshops are intended for children aged from 3 to 8 years old.


Every Wednesday during the school year, from 9am (it is possible to come starting with 8.15am) until 12pm. If you wish, children can also have lunch at school and leave at 1pm.


Nathalie Cailleau assists your children during these mornings filled with discoveries. She has 6 years experience working with children with special needs in kindergartens and elementary schools. She graduated as a Montessori assistant. She practices Land Art and sculpture. Nathalie offers sensitive creative experiences throughout the year, and shares her passion for nature and art.


We are pleased to announce the program of the workshops along with the theme that will guide us throughout the year:


Nature is a sensory world.  Always curious with what it offers us to see, to discover, to feel, to touch, to contemplate…  This year we are going out to meet these majestic and intelligent beings: TREES.


We first meet them by observing, going out to the Alpine garden and then wondering all along the cycle:

  • What is a tree made of?
  •  Is the tree a living being?
  •  What does it need to live?
  •  Why do trees lose their leaves in the fall?
  • Do you know that trees communicate with each other?

We will explore Autumn and its leaves, branches, fruits, seeds… We will also discover Land Art, be inspired, compose, create …


A workshop cycle is designed to allow the child to develop a sensitivity to nature and get involved in activities that are sensory, manual and pedagogical, in the spirit of a Montessori school.




One-time registration:

without meals: 70.- CHF per workshop
with meals: 95.- CHF per workshop


Three months registration:

without meals: 175.- CHF per month
with meals: 250.- CHF per month


The workshops will take place if a minimum of 6 children are enrolled for the term.

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